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In addition to hire of equipment we also have an installation team, looking after all your requirements, from replacing a projector or screen to a full sound and lighting install. With qualified electricians we have all the resources to provide you with quality service, Below are just a few pictures of just some of the work carried out.
If you have equipment that isn't working the way it should or needs PAT testing, we look after all of that as well.
School Installation
School Lighting
Dimmer pack and lighting
Dimmer wiring for lighting
Drama Studio lighting
More lighting
Wiring for lighting install
Lighting in school
Lighting bar and lights installed in school hall
Keeping it tidy
more wiring
Watford Market
Watford Market had us install lighting throughout the legth of the new market to lighten and brighten the area
Pheonix Gateway
Lighting of The Pheonix Gateway in Hemel Hempstead
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