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We get that you don't want to have the same party as all of your friends so why not have something different, from your name in lights to adding entertainment - from casino tables to unique football tipover targets, or maybe you are having a party in a warehouse and want to change to change the feel. We also provide PowerPoint Presentation production for when you have the information but not the time to put it all together.
PowerPoint Production
PowerPoint Production available for your events. Clients who have used this service include Tesco and BMI Healthcare.
Ambassadors Equinix
Put your name in lights
Human Table Football
Human Table Football
Football Tipover Targets
Football Tipover Targets
Jan de Rijk Warehouse
Warehouse fully draped and uplit with PA system and screen
Beales Hatfield
Wall lighting for wedding
Hemel Conservatives
Trafalgar Dinner with Red, White and Blue Lighting
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