Staging and Dancefloors


Staging can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, heights and colours.

It can be supplied with or without handrails and steps - height dependant.

Wide range of dancefloors and Red carpet for that extra touch are also available

Staging is availble in 1m x 1m sections and 0.75m x 0.75m which allows a range of options to be acheived.

Dancefloor sections are 3ft x 3ft

Multi level stage
Built in step to stage
Watford FC Fun Day
Watford FC fun day with outdoor staging and sound systems
Royal Bank of Scotland
Custom built stage set with branded perspex panels Royal Bank of Scotland
Medtronic Black & White Ball
Black and White dancefloor for charity ball
Medtronic Charity Event
Black and white stage with themed room for black and white charity ball
Jaguar Car Launch
Red carpet for launch event
Canary Wharf Stage
Large outdoor stage in Canary Wharf
Tottenham Hotspur Stage
Custom built stage for Tottenham Hotspur with LED lighting in blue
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